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    Two Sides Panoramic Elevator with Passenger-friendly universal design and 1 year warranty
    We offer two Sides Panoramic Elevator with Passenger-friendly universal design and 1 year warranty.Our high quality products sell to country garden, poly, agile, aoyuan, foxconn and other large groups in China.We are waiting for a chance to be your partner in China.
    Product Introduction
    Two sides panoramic elevator for more view and more space for people.And the glass is tempered glass.Making sure the safety because of wind pressure resistance, heat and cold resistance, impact, etc. We focus on producing high quality elevator all the time with a large selling market around the world.We are looking forward to become your cooperator in China.
    Product Parameter (Specification)
    CapacitySpeedEntranceDoor opening sizeCar sizeShaft sizePit depthOverhead heightMachine room height
    6301.0Center Opening800*21001050*1525*26002100*2100鈮?500鈮?300鈮?200
    8001.0Center Opening800*21001200*1600*26002200*2200鈮?500鈮?300鈮?200
    10001.0Center Opening800*21001400*1800*26002350*2300鈮?500鈮?300鈮?200
    12501.0Center Opening900*21001500*2000*26002450*2550鈮?500鈮?300鈮?200
    13501.0Center Opening900*21001600*2050*26002600*2650鈮?500鈮?300鈮?200
    Product Feature And Application
    The feature of it is that the FRP structure of the panoramic elevator perfectly shows the compact space and the overall beauty.
    Production Details
    Highly sensitive button,humanized handrails .The glass cover of the panoramic elevator is integrated with the surrounding environment. It not only becomes a part of the building, but also adds a beautiful moving scenery to it.
    Product Qualification
    Europe CE銆丟ermany TUV and Russia EAC.
    Deliver,Shipping And Serving
    We offer service of delivery and shipping. We also have a 24/7 service team who will be on call and respond immediately to any of your needs.
    Q1: How can you guarantee the safety of your elevator ?
    A:Actually,our elevator has some safe equipments such as catch blocks/governors /buffer and so on.
    Q2:What system does your product use?
    A:We mainly use Monarch control system,besides we have MATIZ self-made control system for you to choose.
    Q3:What else products does your company have?
    A:We specialize in the R&D,sales,manufacturing,Installation and maintenance of outdoor&indoor escalator,passenger&freighter elevator,moving walk and intelligent parking system.
    Latest news
    Recently, Matiz cargo elevator entered Sanzao science and technology park in Jinwan district of Zhuhai city, providing efficient and convenient power for the industrial development of the park.Customized Panoramic Elevator