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    鈥?Our History
    Gloriaful Industry co.,ltd (HongKong), as a professional exporter of technical and formulated chemicals .from 2007 we set up a plant in Nantong ,which is producing epoxy accelerator, adhesion promoter and vulcanizing agents ,over years we have been supplying kinds of these high performance materials for plastic- ,rubber- ,fibre- industries in US. EURO and China.from 2012,we developed several new formulated products enabled work flexible and safe. e.g. blocked diisocyanate(MDI) aqueous dispersion for dipping and fibre to rubber adhesion. We are pleased to be in close communication with our customer, fraternity and colleges to improve the service, quality and technology for new composites in our life.
    鈥?Our Product
    Our various products include:
    epoxy accelerator: e.g. Diuron ,Fenuron,Monuron make curing faster ,temperature lower and better crosslinking
    waterborne curing agent: trimer of HDI make work safe and green ,provides high gross performance
    adhesion promoter: e.g. blocked diisocyanate make reinforcement rubber products and other advanced materials
    Dimeric TDI aqueous desipersion : dipping of rubber to PET ,a good crosslinker
    Sulfur carrier CLD : Green for rubber vulcanising ; TDI dimer as additive of rubber for crosslinking.
    Monomer carbodiimide :preferred stabilizer for plastic and lubricate oil
    Poly carbodiimide: e.g. Liquid MDI modified . stabilizer and crosslinker for resin and PU
    鈥?Our Factory
    Our production plants are located in China national high-tech industry zone for 12 years, Running a full system: advanced synthesis technique; perfect analysis instruments (GC, HPLC, DSC, Particle size); fine packing line; standardized warehousing; fast transit, to guarantee our clients with stable-best quality, enough supplying capacity, flexible logistic to any area through the whole world.
    鈥?Product Application
    Our products meet the demands from producer of composites based on Resin ,Polyurethane ,and Fibre
    Main target areas :
    1 .automotive &aerospace
    2. petroleum & mine
    3. electronics & electrics
    4. construction &building
    5. sport devices
    6. military and defense
    terminal articles :
    powder coatings ,laminates boards, structural adhesives, carbon-fibre composites.
    polyester cords in tyres, Conveyor belts ,plastic-coated fabric.
    鈥?Our Service
    Keep our customer close in a sound scientific management system, with the perfect pre-sale and after-sales service all-round system. we are glad to hear from you on the requirements of new advanced materials . as this area need experience plus non-stop innovations.China ur300 epoxy accelerator suppliers